Advertising, PR & Copywriting

For the last 26 years I've worked in the office equipment industry and have designed many adverts, written content for press releases and managed customer case study programs.​

Part of the success of an advert or a press release, or the combination of both, is to ensure they have instant impact and grab the attention of the viewer and, in the case of a press release, ensure it captures the imagination of an Editor in your specific industry.

I would love to hear from you if you need an advert designing, copy for a press release or even a customer case study.

YE DPS inside Magazine & Belly Band.jpg
WDS Magazine Mock up Vector [Converted].
Newspaper with DPS Open Mock-up Pink Bac
AOS PITR Magazine Mock-up being Read.jpg
GetWaiter Case Study.jpg
Vintage Guru-TEE Joint Advert.jpg