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Who I am & what I do

Tangerine Design & PR is the result of a deep-seated dream to make a difference, across all types of business, channel, social and community segments, with the creativity and experience I’ve gained over 27 years of working as Marketing Manager for leading photocopier and printer manufacturers, Konica Minolta and Olivetti. 

I’ve also worked with music bands, pubs, music festivals, sports clubs and small local businesses creating logos, brochures, stationeryposters, invitations and artwork for promotional merchandise, signage as well as creating videos and websites and managing aspects of their marketing campaigns and events

My real passion is for helping my clients make an impact in their own marketing and for them to be successful. I understand that not everyone has the time or resources (or even the will) to create and organise their own marketing. I pride myself on being able to turn a client's rough ideas into something we are both proud of.

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